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Hi Jeff,

I work full time and am a newbie trader (on the side), but decided to do the one-month trial of your service on 4/26 and have been VERY happy with the results. Small account but I’ve had huge wins with you on the gold miners, USLV, TZA and more!

- S.A*

DWT in @ $26 out at $28 500 shares. Thanks Jeff you’re awesome!

- E.M*

Followed your lead and bought NUGT initially at 7.98, stopped out at 7.8, then bought back in at 7.81 and sold at 8.30 for a nice, quick net gain of $1,174 after recouping initial loss.

- P.O*

I was able to profit on Jnug. About $7,500 over two days of trading. What a ride!

- B.D*

Spot on brother 5.55 to 6.98 up 30% JNUG
hoo waa hopefully get a pullback to go again

- M.C*

Hi Jeff,

JNUG turned out to be an awesome trade THANK YOU!!!

Total LT Gain/(Loss): $0 Total ST Gain/(Loss): $5,665 Total Comm/Fees: $24.05

- C.G*

I’m a paying member and just received Jeff’s
Email to non paying members. When Jeff says this
offer is a bargain, believe me, it is.
Last week I made about $1,500 trading JNUG from
my IPhone while I was on vacation. Anyone with a
Trading account and an IPhone can do this and Jeff’s
instructions are clear and easy to follow.
I wrote this because I believe in this service and I know
It works!

- L.A*

Hi Jeff,

I sold half of my shares a few moments before you sent your sold-half alert. Way to go man! Haha About $1175 gain for me. Scaled in, scaled out. Some don’t like scaling in – but I do!

I sold the rest a little over 6.50 and then saw it run more but you guys preach to us that there’s never a perfect entry and exit. I’m happy with this trade and I’ll be looking for a retracement also.

- K.B*

Hi Jeff

Made a cool $700 + dollars on DUST using your tip. Made my day.

Thanks much

- H.P*

I bought 1200 shares on your first alert, sold for a little over 1% on the same day. bought it back lower than $33 after hours, averaged in another 1200 on your next alert, all out for the very nice +8% on that one. With the hits on NUGT and DUST, just keep hitting the miners!

- M.A*

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