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Daily Watch List

Our daily stock watch list is delivered to your inbox, and helps you focus on the best trade potential each day.


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You’ll also get buy alerts delivered directly to your inbox with information on the exact stocks I’m buying.

These alerts will arrive by email and by text message.


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When it’s time to sell, I will immediately send you a sell alert via email and text message, so you’ll never miss out on another profitable trade.


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Each member account comes with an optimized dashboard to let you maximize your time looking for videos and articles. You can also configure your SMS alerts phone and profile information. You can request premium support by submitting a form to our dedicated team. We are constantly improving the dashboard as per our members comments.

Our goal is to help make your education and trading as simple as possible so you can learn quickly and become more successful.

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Our focus here at Top Stock Picks is two-fold


Delivering winning stock trade ideas to you each and every week

Jeff Bishop is a multi-millionaire trader with nearly 20 years of experience under his belt. He dabbles in nearly every aspect of the market but has a special gift and passion for trading options and ETFs. Some have even accused him of being addicted to trading as he racked up over $100 million in trades last year – and he doesn’t run a hedge fund! He’s not afraid to make the big bets and swing for the fences when he thinks he has an edge on a trade.

From fast-moving swing trades, to leveraged ETF/ETN and options plays, Top Stock Picks is constantly scanning the markets to identify the highest-potential trades with the lowest downside risk. All this valuable market intel and expert insights are delivered to you and our other members in a simple-to-understand and highly-actionable format.


Training investors and traders of all skill levels a proven, market-tested strategy

You’ll see that Jeff’s training and trading style are straightforward and highly-efficient. It’s refreshingly free of any kind of “hype”, arrogance or bravado. Jeff is constantly scanning market conditions to give his members the absolute best trade ideas that he is actively trading in his personal account.

Whether you’re an experienced trader looking for better setups and market ideas, or a total novice who wants to follow along with Jeff’s time-tested strategy, Top Stock Picks delivers the solid guidance and integrity that only a 20+ year veteran can. And it delivers it directly right to your inbox and by text message.


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