4 Penny Stocks Under $.01 for Friday

Evening My Friends,

Short and sweet yet again because the markets are just so iffy right now.

I like the following for Friday……

BMSN - we got in this today at $.003 and I think if we can bust $.0036 we could see $.0038 to $.0042 levels. Solid support at $.0029 to $.003 for those looking to play the bounces


CPSZ - nearing a breakout at $.006, could test $.0068 to $.0069 for quick 15% in and out. Support at $.0038 and $.0028


FWDG - this is a perfect bounce trade off $.009 and some of us are already in. I am looking for $.015 resistance and if broken possible $.018 level


SAPX - good base here at $.0038 and $.004, I like this trade up to $.0056 or $.0064


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