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Jason Bond published a couple new articles on yesterday. He’s an expert in small caps and both are great reads!

Why Your Portfolio Needs Small Cap Stocks

Understanding the Risks of Small Cap Stocks

Yesterday, I was the victim of nat gas volatility, and hopefully not too many got caught up in the mix. I’ve said multiple times that it can be very tough to trade, especially when dealing with inventory numbers. I should have cut it last week, but decided to hold. That was a mistake as we saw a similar instance last year when warm winter weather moved in and the demand for nat gas went down. Prices were crushed yesterday due to a warmer weather forecast, and UGAZ opened down nearly 15%. I tried to average down, and five minutes later was stopped out on 4000 of the 5000 shares I had. I also cut SDSfrom the portfolio. Took a small loss there, but this market continues to rip higher and I’m done trying to peg the top. Trying to time when a correction will happen is taking years off my life and I guess for now, I’ll run with the bulls.

In other news, I’ve been watching the overwhelming amount of longs in oil right now. For this reason, I find it hard for it to build much more from here, and I really like my position in DRIP. When you see positions this high on the long side you’ve got to ask yourself “who else is left to buy this”? That is how tops are made.

XOP has been extremely weak compared to the SPY in recent weeks too. This further backs up my belief that DRIP is going higher from these levels.

Here’s the ETF Scorecard for today:

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 8.12.18 AM.png

For the TSP Portfolio:


UGAZ – 1000 shares left, just riding them out in hopes to catch a little bounce back from yesterday’s massacre.

DRIP –  Still up over $2000, and I can’t see XOP going much higher, so I’ll hold onto this one and expect to pay myself 10%+ this week.

DUST – Another solid day for us here, and after locking in over $3200 last week, I’m up another $3100. I’ll continue to hold here. I should just trade gold miners every time!

What I’m watching..

Nothing on my watch right now, but I’ll be closely monitoring my positions in the TSP portfolio.

Petra Hess will be posting her trades for a few more weeks until her new newsletter is ready to launch.  Enjoy learning from her as an added bonus here on TSP while you still can!

Petra’s New Trade Updates and Portfolio


GREAT DAY for Petra!

If you’re not following her trades then you’re missing out. Just look at the 4 stocks she closed out yesterday all 5%+ winners.  These are all LARGE caps too, folks.  Multi-day holds and very easy entries/exits.  She’s amazing!


MEOH   +6.5%

FNSR   +8.5% !!!

MDT      +8.0%

CY       +5.0%


AMAT  290 shares at 36.01

OCLR 950 shares at 10.87

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 8.02.35 PM.png

Have a great day!