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I wanted to start today by giving a shout out to Taylor Conway, who’s a star student I’ve been working with in the Millionaire Roadmap program and met with him personally at a few of our Millionaire Roadmap member events.


He’s been crushing it lately. Taylor is the one that brought up the UGAZ trade to me and the timing on the entry.  So far so good, this looks like it will be another winner. I’m up about $2000 on this overnight and I hope to see at least double that in the coming days.


Taylor also has an options play on this I like. Betting that UNG is not going to trade much lower anytime soon he also sold the April $7 puts on UNG in addition to taking UGAZ on the long side. If this works out it’s a solid way to add profits on this trade. I think he is totally right with the UNG idea and hope we see more trade ideas from him in the future!

Speaking of “star students”, Kyle Dennis is going to have another FREE educational webinar on Feb 22nd @ 8pm EST.


As you know by now, Kyle is the “whiz kid” who’s turned $15k into OVER $2 MILLIONnow. He’s an amazing trader and really has a gift for making biotech trades. He now runs where he teaches his members everything he’s learned and how to apply it. There have been some incredible success stories with his service since he launched it.


I really encourage you to reserve a seat right now for it right here: Kyle’s Webinar Registration


It truly takes just a minute and will guarantee that you will have the chance to get in on this. He always shares some very insightful ideas and tips so you don’t want to miss out on this!

Here’s a couple of good articles that Jason Bond recently posted on

What Trading Style is Right For Me?

How to Swing Trade


It was an interesting meeting, as Janet Yellen made comments about it being “unwise” to wait long to raise rates. While there only remains an 18% chance of a March rate hike, trader’s are projecting 2 hikes for the remainder of 2017 (down from 4 hikes just a few months ago…); one in June and again in December. My only problem with this prediction is the uncertainty revolving around Trump’s economic policies. Does anyone know what the plan is? Not really. Even Yellen made this pretty clear, by saying “We don’t yet have enough clarity on what changes will be put in place to really clearly factor those policy changes into the economic outlook.” For that reason, I’m not buying into the Fed meetings too much. I think there needs to be a firm understanding of President Trumps policies and the effect on economic growth.


My guess is for only ONE hike this year, probably late in the year like we had in December of 2016. Trump would rather see the economy overheat rather than tighten down too soon. Inflation is finally running how and economic growth is looking solid, but I don’t think the Fed wants to ruin the party with actual hikes… just the threat of them.


However, given Yellen’s remarks, we noticed the market push higher, based on bank stocks and shareholders responding to her “unwise to wait too long” comment. In return, my SDS trade isn’t working out exactly how I would have liked though it did help my DUST trade a lot as the gold market doesn’t like the prospects of higher rates.

By the way… I’ll be in Orlando Thursday and Friday this week with Jason Bond and Nate Martin (the “pot stock guru”, LOL) for a financial conference. I won’t be able to get out a watchlist on those days but I will still be actively trading if anything comes up.

Here’s the ETF Scorecard for today:


Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 8.13.11 AM.png


For the TSP Portfolio:


UGAZ – I took a position here with 2000 shares at $20.12.  I’m up around $2000 on this trade in the premarket and I’m looking for 10%+ on this overall.


SDS – SPY doesn’t look like it’s slowing down. Will see how it opens, and think about cutting this one loose. Like I said before, I don’t want to get in the way. I’m down about $400 on this so far and I won’t give it much more room so I’ll probably sell this today if SPY continues to look strong.


DRIP –  Still green and up about $1000 on my 3000 shares of DRIP @ $13.52. Looking for 8-10% on DRIP if the trade works out.  I will be stopping this if XOP trades convincingly above $41.25 for a few time periods, which would be a small loss.


DUST – I’m up about $4000 so far on the 3000 shares at a 25.03 average.  I will still be stopping out of half this trade if GDX trades north of $26. Should be a nice 10%+ coming up for DUST though if this works out.

What I’m watching..


Nothing on my watch right now, but I’ll be closely monitoring my positions in the TSP portfolio.

Petra’s New Trade Updates and Portfolio




RGLD – @ 71.67 at break even


Keep it up Petra!


Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 7.34.30 PM.png

Trade GREEN!