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Good morning!


Big congrats to Jeff Williams with, he’s been a trading machine in this short year with a profit of $4800 already in 2017!  As you know, he trades with a smaller account size so this is really a big accomplishment.


He has an amazing service for people with small accounts or those new to the marketwho are looking to learn more about trading or simply to grow a tiny account into a BIG one!

Not a lot of action yesterday for us in TSP, but hopefully that will change today!


It’s been a little while since I talked about earnings, but I feel that it’s appropriate. It’s the beginning of the year and we already have some big names coming in. The reason why this week is such a great week to look out for is because we have a lot of the big banks releasing their earnings on Friday, including Bank of America (BAC) JP Morgan (JPM) and Wells Fargo (WFC). There is a lot of talk going on with these companies due to their performance since the election. Bank of America (BAC) is up 37%, JP Morgan (JPM) 27%, and Wells Fargo (WFC) 23%. All have had some amazing returns since Trump won, and it will be interesting to see how they trade going into Friday. I’ll keep my eye out for any opportunities that I think you all would benefit from.


Moving right along…

Here’s the ETF Scorecard for today:


Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 8.10.07 AM.png


Some big downward moves in nat gas and oil yesterday. Luckily, my large position in DRIP is finally paying off, but shares I have left of UGAZ took a hit. I detail my position and plan in both below. The real story here is the biotech industry. IBB is up a little over 5% in the past week, and 7% since the start of the year. I think there is a chance for this to push up close to its high, but it will take a little while.


For the TSP Portfolio..


UVXY – UVXY went under $6.48 and I cut half my trade. I did, however, buy back at 6.30 but I’m planning to actively trade this and won’t be sending alerts. I’m still holding 5000 shares in the TSP port, and will keep you posted when I get rid of those.


EWW – Not a great day for EWW, as it was down 1.81%. I’ll continue to hold here, but not planning to let this one get away from me if it decides to drop further. I don’t think it will.


DRIP – I’m happy to finally have sold some DRIP yesterday after a 3-4 week hold! I had 2000 DRIP on offer at $13.78 all day long and it filled in the last 5 minutes of trading yesterday. I am planning on selling 2000 more today into a pop if we get it and then holding the last 2000 shares for a while longer.  Overall up around 12% on this trade now.  For me, it is a “full position” size (around $100,000 total size) so this is really a nice $10,000 profit so far to put on the books in 2017.


UGAZ – There’s that nat gas volatility we all know! Down 14% on the day. I already made some nice profits on this one, and my plan here is to add more (hopefully 10% lower). If it doesn’t drop, I’ll look for a base and also add more to the position. Right now in pre-market, UGAZ is spastic as always.  It is up 8% but I am not going to chase it here.  I’d like to add 1000 more shares on a dip again in the $25’s if we see it this week.  Otherwise I plan to keep UGAZ for a little longer, or up to $35’s.


UAA – Yawn. Positive day yesterday, and I’m still holding with no plans to let this one go.  Up around 4% overall or about $1100 profit on this one since my late December entry.  This will be a longer hold for me so don’t look for a sale on it anytime soon.

What I’m watching..




TBT (ProShares UltraShort 20+ Year Treasury Fund) is beginning to come into range, but I’m still waiting for it to be below $38 for entry.

Oversold Stocks:


From the basket of oversold stocks I bought in the final weeks of December.


I’m still in AGN (half position & up a little yesterday or about 14% now overall!), UAA (as mentioned above), GSUM, MBRXTRIL, and AMCN.


TRIL– Slightly up on this one, as it closed right at $6. Still holding here, and I’ve made a nice 15% on this one so far.


MBRX –  Not much movement in this one yesterday. It has been a nice trade so far, and I still like it. No plans to move on from this yet.


GSUM – The gift that keeps on giving! I got about 9% after I added on Friday, and another 6% today. Had some nice action in after hours as well. Close to 20% on this trade overall, and will hold on for the ride!


AMCN – Slightly down day. Might be getting rid of this one soon. If it’s not working, I might as well cut it loose, but I’ll give it an extra couple of days to at least give it a chance! Until it breaks the $2.40 range on the downside I don’t really have any reason to get rid of this except I’m bored with it, but that’s a terrible reason to sell a stock.

Good luck out there. Trade GREEN today!