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While we did catch a good piece of the GDX move with NUGT last week, I wanted to share how I played this with options in the Millionaire Roadmap portfolio. As you can see below the net profit has been pretty good here with about $17,000 in gains on the position overall (profit minus loss on the hedged side of it).



This is just a good example of why it makes sense to use options on trades where you have a good idea about the DIRECTION of a stock’s upcoming move but not exactly the TIMING of it. Buying options allows you to wait out some of the “choppiness” we see when trading stocks. It’s this choppiness that caused me to hit a profit stop limit for around $4500 on my NUGT last week. If I had held the position I would have made an additional $10,000+ on the trade.


Building this option trade made it much easier for me to stick with GDX instead of getting “shaken out” like I did with NUGT last week.  I’ll be discussing this trade and why I choose to make it in my upcoming Roadmap session this Thursday (Feb 9th) @ 2pm EST for everyone who is part of that program.

Here’s the ETF Scorecard for today:


Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 8.08.27 AM.png


Besides the move in GDX, it was a pretty uneventful day yesterday. Hoping that today is a little more exciting and gives us some nice opportunities.

For the TSP Portfolio:


Nothing right now, but scanning the market to see what opportunities I can find for us!

What I’m watching..

UNG (UGAZ) – As you know, I haven’t taken a position here. I wanted to see how it opened yesterday, and now it’s beginning to form a little base. This is now a top trade to look at and I think the $22’s are very attractive, though there’s a decent chance we see UNG dip about 5% lower to the $7.20’s. That would be -15% for UGAZ from here, so if I do get started on this today it will be with smaller size.


GDX – I mentioned the options play I had on this, but I want to pay close attention here. This is a pretty important level for GDX. If it breaks further above, I could see this one running, but I’m not going to rush it.


Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 8.04.03 PM.png



Here’s some of the trades I am in with Petra Hess right now. I know there are a lot of people wanting to see all her trades, but these are just the ones I am in at the moment:


CHKP @ $98.10 — Looking for a quick break over $100


URI @ $127.22 — Looking for break of $130 and into mid $130’s possibly.


Petra will be alerting more of her trades directly in the TSP emails during the day as she makes them so be on the lookout for those.

Trade GREEN everyone!