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Good morning!

I told you. Petra is amazing.  She’s already off to a fantastic start with her new service as you’ll see below.

As you know, she’s offering 2 services and I strongly recommend you buy PLATINUM. After the sale closes next Monday, these discounts will never be offered again!

50% off Petra Picks GOLD


38% off Petra Picks PLATINUM*


* Platinum ALSO includes 4-week Power Trading course valued at $1,999 available in April

The training course is going to speed-up everyone’s learning process. By the end of it, you’ll have a powerful grasp of what she is looking for when trading and WHY she makes the trades that she does.

You will love getting REAL trade ideas and insights from her for the whole year. I’m really confident that you’ll be able to many times more than the cost of her service back this year in fresh trading profits. Many people have paid for the full year of service in just ONE WEEK!

Just check out some of the recent testimonials from people who have been with the service for just a week now:

“Sold CSC and SHOP, Nice 7.68% profit on CSC, and 7.56% on SHOP, Thanks Petra!”

~ John A.

(Check out this screenshot of John’s trading this week with Petra)

“Hi Petra, I have traded SHOP via calls twice this past week. One trade 39% in 2 days and one 30% in one day. The last trade was maybe an example for people that have a small account. I bought 2 April monthly $70 Calls for $360 and net after commission made $108 or 30%. Still learning to let winners run but was a little nervous on market reaction to Healthcare vote and didn’t want to hold over weekend. Thanks again for your guidance.”


~Larry B.

“Hi Petra, Love the service so far! I’ve always wanted to get into mid/large cap stocks!”

~ Lee A.

“My 2nd +5% gain on AAOI for the week.. total of 10% for the week…Thank you Petra.”

~ Gbenga Y.

“I would have held longer, but I’m in risk management mode with this healthcare vote.  Closed out AAOI, KEM, and SHOP +$988 today.  The only one that I entered off of an alert was SHOP – the rest was just following your setup.  Great stuff – thank you!”

~ Peter H.

You might think these are all the testimonials, but seriously Petra has a record of them all and it looks like a mini-novel right now.  100’s of people are thrilled they made the choice to work with her this year.

I’m telling you right now, you will regret not joining if you haven’t done so yet.  She is a seasoned and battle-tested trader as well as a truly talented educator.  You just can’t go wrong spending a year learning from her decades of experience.

Now how about everything on our plate for TSP today…

Nothing new yesterday for me on TSP but wrapped up my position in JDSTAbout $4300 in total profits. Wanted to see if it would rally past $16, but didn’t happen. Instead, it fell back down and I locked it in. I’ll continue to look for opportunities there, and want to milk gold miners for even more than we have already!

The more I look at the gold chart and hear about the Fed determined to continue to raise rates the more I want to short gold miners.  I am out now (again for a great profit) but I will be back in them again soon. I think there’s too many headwinds for us to see a sustained gold rally in the foreseeable future.

If you didn’t know this already, tech stocks just continue to run the market. We saw Applehit new highs the other day, and yesterday, Amazon broke past $875/share. I talked about Amazon the other day. They are just one of those companies leading the way, and in a world that thrives off of innovation, one can clearly see why their growth just hasn’t slowed down. I don’t know if you had seen the video or heard of it, but if you haven’t, you should check out Amazon Go. Basically, it gets rid of cashiers, checkouts, lines, etc. You walk into a store, scan your app upon entry, pick up and put any groceries you want in your bag, and when you walk out, it automatically charges you for the goods you grabbed. Pretty incredible right?

Well, they postponed their launch from the end of this month to an undisclosed later date. It’s all understandable, because there’s nothing like it, and the technology needs to be flawless. However, Amazon being Amazon quickly countered the disappointment by letting everyone know that they plan to offer another innovation to the grocery-store industry…behold, Amazon FreshPickup. Some stores have rolled out similar programs, and Amazon will now launch it’s pickup service in a couple stores. You can order online, drive to the store, and someone will come out and put your items in your car. Talk about lazy…but hey, I’d try it. Nothing worse than running through the grocery store with three hungry kids that are all trying to sneak their own food selections into the cart when you aren’t looking. “No, I don’t think we need 4 gallons of ice-cream and 6 boxes of Captain Crunch, but good try”.

Anyway, Amazon is tapping into a market that they haven’t been in. That’s what a juggernaut does. They find what people are missing in other industries, and they become the best at it. Then they force other companies out, because their technology is second to none. Maybe they are just a bunch of bullies, but regardless, they are doing whatever they can to stay relevant and continue to grow. For that you have to applaud them, and I’m sure that down the road they will hold a large part of this market, where the average person spends nearly $5500 per year on groceries. Congrats Amazon. You’re the real MVP.

Now while Amazon cements itself as a force to be reckoned with, another familiar company is having some haymakers thrown at it. Good ole Snapchat. I was worried about this company from the start. Sure, it’s user-base is still growing, but Facebook is doing everything they can, offering “copycat” functionality to their platforms, to limit SNAP from gaining any more market share. FB has introduced stories on Instagram, and has now released it on FB itself. They even offer it in the WhatsApp messaging service that they acquired years back. Can’t blame FB on this one. When something new and popular hits the market, any good company finds a way to copy it, and eventually, I’m sure FB will make it better than SNAP. That’s just how it goes. FB is Amazon, and Snapchat is like MySpace…cool at first, but someone does it bette r and then it’s game over. I’ll probably be in and out of Snapchat when I can just to grab some quick profits, but unless they bring something completely new to the game and blow everyone away, I don’t see a bright future for the company.

OK. Here’s the ETF Scorecard for today:

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 8.08.33 AM.png

Looks like everyone NOT in VIX is a winner!  As usual.

For the TSP Portfolio:

URA – Starting to work and up about 2.5% so far. I’m looking for north of $16 on this in the next week, and no plans but to hold right now.

ETFs I’m Watching. I’m listing these in order of how close I am to buying them:

#1  TBT – Bonds have been in full-on rally mode since the Fed announcement. I suspect this will come to an end soon though, and TBT is pretty oversold right now because of it. I’m a buyer at current levels. I plan to make a move on this today for half a position size.

#2  UWT – This one is almost ready. I think a dip below $17 will be all that I need to get started on this one.  It’s been a couple weeks of waiting but now could be the time. I’ll probably jump in with 2-3 pieces over a couple of days. I didn’t get the break under $17 I was looking for yesterday, then it ran 7% away from me. I can’t chase it here so I will be on the sidelines for another couple of days I imagine.

#3  DGAZ – Letting nat gas do it’s thing for a little. I’m still looking for a base to form and some technical indication that this is the low for now. UNG hovering around the 50 day MA and want to see how it tests around the 7.50 area.

Have a great day!


Jeff Bishop
Jeff Bishop