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Good morning,


I hope everyone had a great long-weekend and was able to enjoy the holiday! I’m back from my cruise and ready to start off a great new year with everyone and really dial in on the market in 2017, and my trades in the TSP Portfolio.


I will be closing out the annual sale tomorrow night!


Right now it is still being offered at a 70% DISCOUNT or ONLY $599 for the year!.  I want to thank the tons of people who have already signed up for this. I look forward to working with you for the next year and I hope 2017 is our best year EVER!


You can see the sale right here:


Remember, after tomorrow night this will go back to $1999/year. This is the last chance to upgrade to a full year at this special rate.  You know I rarely offer a sale, so this is the best time you will ever get to sign up.

Moving along…


Here’s the ETF Scorecard for today (reflects from Friday’s close)


Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 7.28.45 PM.png


Well, after GDX had a couple big days, we saw it dip on Friday. I was able to get 9.00 on 2500 of the 5000 shares I had left, and stopped out the rest at 8.00 for a total profit of $19,000! Can’t complain there! We also saw another nice day for UVXY, and over the past week, it has seen about a 12% gain, though it is slipping today in premarket action.


UGAZ is falling out of bed this morning, down 23% in the premarket. I am not in this one, but I will be taking a piece of it for a quick flip. I won’t be alerting this trade but keep a close eye on it today.

Now for the TSP Portfolio


UVXY – Currently holding 5000 shares and I’m back to flat on this at the moment. Think it has some room to run with this first week of trading in 2017. Will keep hold on this for now.


EWW – Really hasn’t made a big move in either direction here, and I’m up slightly on it. Will continue to monitor, but don’t have any plans to get rid of it right now. This has been a longer than normal hold.


DRIP – Up about 6% on this one as well. There is a lot of talk from the media about this being a strong year for oil, but I don’t buy into it too much. Especially now as we start the new year. I want to see where this goes for a little while longer. If it does begin to turn, I’ll cut it loose, but nothing is giving me that feeling just yet.


UAA– Slightly down here, but will continue to keep this one in the portfolio and see how it plays out in the next few weeks.

What I’m watching…

I’m not interested in any new ETFs at the moment. i’m looking mainly at the oversold stocks list right now. I think these individual stocks have more upside right now for the first week of January. I’m already in five of the ten I sent you, and will look to get into more. I’ll update you with any new ones on that I add to that list.


Of these oversold stocks, I am currently in AGNUAAGSUMMBRXTRIL, and VRX


Only a couple of small losses on these trades from last week and I’m up around $10,000 on all of them combined.  Like I said earlier, my plan was to buy a nice basket of potential rebound plays and let them ride a week or so into January.  So far so good, we’ll see how this week plays out.

Here’s to a great new year of trading!