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Happy Friday!


Congrats to Taylor Conway again! His pick on FAS last week hit his $45 target yesterday.  That’s a really sweet move from the bottom for those of you that got in on it. This was a nice follow-up to his big-profit UGAZ play a few weeks ago.  Let’s see more from him!

While I’m handing out big applause right now, I’ve got to hand it to my buddy Jason Bond who has just locked in the BEST 3 months of trading of his life!


He started the year with a rebalanced $100k trading account. That account has now exploded to over $250,000 in the first quarter of 2017.  It’s simply incredible!


Now, it’s one thing for Jason to make money. I know several really good traders out there (none making 150% gains though!).  What I love about Jason is his transparency.  Members of his premium service get to see EVERY SINGLE TRADE he makes in real-time. 


It’s the real deal, and you won’t find anything else like it on Wall Street.  Most expert traders want to keep their “secrets” close to the chest and not share with anyone.  Jason is an open book. You can ask him anything, you can watch him trade, you can learn from the amazing team he’s built. 


To celebrate his big achievement, he’s offering a “no strings attached” FREE chat roomday


Just go to:


And enter the password: iwm2000


While the chat room is only a small taste of what you get with his whole program, it’s a nice way to get a feeling for what you could expect everyday.


It’s totally free, so just go hang out there today. Maybe YOU will get in early on the big stock mover today?




I remember the other week I talked about how you (and I) were going to be replaced by robots at some point. It’s inevitable right? With all the automation coming into the industry, and these large tech companies finding ways to cut costs and employees…the end may be more near than we thought. Even the CEO of Yum Brands came out and said that he expects fast food will be under the guidance of automated servers and delivery bots within 10-15 years. My guess…it happens closer to 10 than 15 years. They are even working on automated kitchen staff. That’s right…forget about your go-to guy/girl making your food and say hello to R2-D2 in the back just whipping up your favorite pizza. Times are changing, and the harsh reality: Get use to it!


The bottom line is that the fast food industry relies on one major selling point. Cost. Consumers want what’s cheap. The quality certainly matters, but how great is the quality on a 20 piece chicken nugget for $3.99 or whatever it is? These companies can’t cut costs on food anymore than they have, so they will look anywhere else, especially labor costs. The industry already pushes back against the raise in minimum wage, so you know they will be doing everything they can to completely get rid of the human workforce. Can’t say I blame them. I mean really…10 tacos for $10 at Taco Bell; are you going to notice a difference in taste between a human and a robot preparing it? Doubtful. 

OK. Here’s the ETF Scorecard for today:


Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 8.11.37 AM.png


Just another one of those days when SPY is positive and so are VIX and UVXY


For the TSP Portfolio:


URA – Starting to work and my plan is the same…I’m looking for north of $16 on this in the next week, and no plans but to hold right now. 


DRIP – Got started on a position here with 3000 at 16.46. Hoping for 10%, and will stop out around 15.40 or so. 

ETFs I’m Watching. I’m listing these in order of how close I am to buying them:


#1 TZA – I’ve been waiting for IWM to come back to the top-end of its range and now we’re there @ $137. I think this is going to be a fight and then IWM will ultimately go lower again. Of all the major indexes, I feel that small-caps are the most vulnerable right now to any new uncertainty or bad news in the market. TZA is a 3x bear bet against IWM and I like it a lot here.


#2  TBT – Bonds have been in full-on rally mode since the Fed announcement. I suspect this will come to an end soon though, and TBT is pretty oversold right now because of it. I’m a buyer at current levels. I plan to make a move on this today for half a position size.


#3  DGAZ – Letting nat gas do it’s thing for a little. I’m still looking for a base to form and some technical indication that this is the low for now. UNG hovering around the 50 day MA and want to see how it tests around the 7.50 area.


#4  UWT – This one is almost ready. I think a dip below $17 will be all that I need to get started on this one.  It’s been a couple weeks of waiting but now could be the time. I’ll probably jump in with 2-3 pieces over a couple of days. I didn’t get the break under $17 I was looking for on Wednesday, then it ran over 10% away from me. I can’t chase it here so I will be on the sidelines for another couple of days I imagine. Still looking for a retracement to low-$17’s on this one.

Have a great weekend!