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Top Stock Picks isn’t too shabby either!


Hump day delivered for us! Locked in some nice wins of DUST and DWT and letting the other half ride for a little while longer! I cashed in +$3500 on those two trades so far PLUS about $4000 more profits waiting for me to take later today!


I’d love to hear how you did as well! Email me at


Haven’t traded oil too much lately, so I’m happy with the win on DWT, but man, gold miners…maybe I should only trade those? I was going through my trading records and if you add up all the trades we’ve seen on TSP I’ve made close to $100,000 in the past 6 months just trading gold miner stocks (long and short). We’ve been killing it there since the end of last year!!


Speaking of trading gold miners, here’s something that we should keep an eye on as ETF traders:


It looks like JNUG/JDST/GDXJ are getting too big for the sector they cover. The fund issuer is now stopping issuance of new shares so this could cause some supply imbalances in the market. Just be cautious of this right now, it may be even MORE volatile than normal for the coming weeks.


If you follow my Milionaire Roadmap portfolio, you’ll see that I’ve got exposure here with options I’ve sold on JNUG. While my trade is profitable right now, I’m keeping a close eye on how this unfolds.


Below you’ll find some links to some great articles and topics EVERYONE was talking about yesterday. To start, IBM. Been a rough streak for the company, and Warren Buffett can’t be too happy with how it’s performed. 20 straight quarters of declining sales…ouch!


The other one, Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) reached all time highs. Here’s a little taste of what you learn about in the article. If you invested just $1000 in the medical robotic giant since its IPO, that $1000 would now be worth $44,000! Chalk that one up to a missed opportunity!


Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 8.26.49 PM.png

New Articles on RagingBull to Check Out:


IBM Shares Down After Sales Fall for 20th Straight Quarter and Analyst Downgrades


Intuitive Surgical Shares Surge After 1Q Financial Results and Slew of Analyst Upgrades


TD Ameritrade Misses Earnings Estimate and Beats Revenue Estimate, Reports 58% Growth in Net Revenues


Morgan Stanley Q1 2017 Earnings Beat Wall Street Estimates, Bond Trading Rises Significantly


OK. Here’s the ETF Scorecard for today:


Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 8.11.01 AM.png

For the TSP Portfolio:


DUST – I sold 1000 DWT @ $25.14 for $1600 or 7% profit. Letting the other half ride right now in hopes of grabbing some more profits in this market!


DWT – I took 750 DUST off the table @ $27.60 for $1900 or over 10% profit there.Same plan as DUST…houses’ money and looking for more!

ETFs I’m watching. I’m listing these in order of how close I am to buying them:


#1 TBT – I’ve had this on the watch list for awhile, but I just haven’t seen any indicators to give me full confidence. It continues to trend lower, but I’m still very interested. It’s oversold, and I don’t think this trend continues for long. However, I want to be patient here and the challenge will be timing this correctly. If I do enter a position, my plan will be to average into it gradually.

URA broke it’s trendline yesterday. It is off the buy list, but I will be watching it closely for a new entry.

Trade GREEN!