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What Our Members Are Saying

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Hi Steve, I just signed up for you stock trading site,and so far I’ve made over 2000.00

- T.J.

Thx Steve, I made $2,000. Your the best.

- M.A.

Just wanted to thank you for TVIX. Got out at $4.72 from $4.19 entry. Another layup

- S.M.

Hey Steve,

Making some green all thanks to you and the TSP team….  Thank you for your help and thoughts… Oh and paid for my subscription in just 15 days with a small account. Thank you very much. I really like your service.

- D.C.


Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased after my first full week as a TSP member. Already gained in both profits and knowledge.
That DUST trade yesterday…awesome! Covered my first year membership on that one!
The webinar you held on that trade yesterday evening was very informative. How to scale in and why the trade was made. Your illustration using the GLD and GDX charts to make the case for why you took the DUST trade was superb, with a teaching style that made it easy to understand.
Another thing I’d like to add is that really appreciate your timely responses to my email questions.
Again, very pleased and look forward to many more great trades, while learning along the way.

- K.K.

I really love your service. TSP has been killing it lately. Thank you for all your help and happy trading!

- D.C.

Greetings Steve
Totally impressed with the service of TSP, I like the swings,ETF trading,and have done better than i thought i would.
I have played with the markets now for two years, but believe it or not just now things are falling into place.
I enjoy your picks your informative approach,and have learned much.
LABU & DUST where both good paydays for me

- G.F.

Sir,I just renewed my membership yesterday from a one month intro.  To date I have not placed any “actual” trades, however I am using Paper Money on TD Ameritrade, as you suggested.  I am up over $6,000 just on your picks alone (I made a bad call on my own with FUEL the other day but we wont discuss that).  Although its easy to trade with a fake $100,000 in my account, it proves that your system works.  Even if a guy didn’t want to do his own research to spot some of these trends and just trust your calls, it works.  Which is why I will continue to subscribe and take your tips and hints, while also utilizing your videos to learn the details of how your spotting the stock trends. I am still a few months (I feel) from placing any actual trades but with your picks and web site I am feeling more and more confident every day.
Again, thank you for your insight,  T.P.

- T.P.


Just want to say thank you for all you do and for teaching us so much! The knowledge is priceless! Lifer with TSP and PennyPro!

- G.S.

Thanks for the call on DRIP. I had a small position but made just under 9%.

- K.T.

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