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What Our Members Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our members do the talking

Steve,I joined last week and I would like to say thanks.  I have finally started making money with stocks.  Everything you have said and pick out  in the the last few days have been green for me. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving

- D.C.

My very first trade on JDST $1,400 profit!  Thanks Steve!  This service is awesome

- GP

You’re the man, Steve!  My most recent piggyback or your’s made me some serious cash!  Your support staff is fantastic as well!

- D

Just want to thank you for all your hard work…   Bought only 169 shares of JDST this morning.  Just sold for a $787 profit.  (22%)

Thanks Steve,


- Mike

Steve, I’m renewing my subscription. I’ve learned so much watching videos… . Ive been in and out of the market for 15 years. I’m here to stay this time thanks to you and Jeff.  Thanks Again and happy trading

- Tim

Enjoyed the ride with WPCS (10,000 shares) at $1.72 and sold all @ $3.21 =$1.49 x 10,000=$14,900. I usually don’t hold so long but it kept going up. My best one day trading profit this year. Now going to lunch with my wife.

- Wayne

Steve, been playing AXN for a week.  All together with ups and downs I am out 75% of my holdings for $4K in profit!

- Grouse

Steve, in one of your videos you said “some people pay for their memberships in one day”… yup!!!! true!

- Davis

Just want to say thanks to SA and the mods here. My account has grown by 25% this week, trading around work. many thanks.

- Kelvin

Steve, Thank You.  I only made a couple hundred dollars because I panicked and sold right away.  Although, it all adds up.  Have a good day and thanks for your good service.

- Nathan

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