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What Our Members Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our members do the talking

First three trades:

UVXY held and made $735
LABD made $5300
DUST made $660

Not bad for first three trades – thanks….easy to follow and I like not being bombarded with constant e-mails. This allows me to focus on my day job and hopefully retire early (if it continues like this):)

- J.M.

Steve I joined your special $49 one month subscription a few days ago and played LABD with you. Bot 100 share @ 30.34 and filled my sale on the open today @ 35.50 for $496 net profit or 16.35%. Appreciate the profits!

- R.K.

Hey Steve!

Thanks for the alerts so far this week! I made ~$750!

- C.O.

Hi Steve,
Hope all is well. Wanted to thank you for all the lessons in TSP. I love it and am up almost 6k since I started with you. I found a volatile stock today I thought looked good with great volume. I almost put 10k into it. Before almost buying it, I remembered your words, saying, ‘when playing ETFs, you don’t need to worry about CEO’s drinking and running into a tree, or fraud, or EPs, etc,etc. Thus, I passed on the trade. That stock plummeted 50% in after hours. Your words saved me $5k. You rock.
Thank you

- E.P.

I’m a new member and really like your weekly analysis. It offers nice research time and flexibility. I made 6,000 from VHC today.

- J.U.

I’m sure you might get this alot but I just want to Thank you for the service you provide. You have been very honest and detailed with your positions and you give everyone a fair shot at learning the tactics and getting a good entry. There have been many times that I have gotten better a price than you did. Lol.  I just think honesty is hard to come by in your business but you do it consistently and I couldn’t be more appreciative. It’s a great feeling when you witness that there are still good honest people out there who really do care about teaching people and helping them succeed. Many thanks and I look forward to continuing my education with you and your team for years to come.

- R.O.

I made $560 on the GUSH trade. You (and your team) do a fantastic job!

- J.S.

Hi Steve. I made $1548 on GUSH today. I have definitely paid for my membership. Thanks for the guidance and education.

- S.H.


I realized today that since starting LIVE my acount has gone from $5500 to $8000 in little over a month! Bragging rights for the both of us! I cant thank you enough. Your teaching really works. Gotta figure how amazing this is because Ive got to work around PDT rules. The increase in my charting skills alone makes LIVE worth it. Actually that is most of what I’ve been using the last month. Just charting better. And to tell the truth I only took about half the trades that you showed us. The happiest moments tho? I’ve been spending hours analyzing every type of chart to help with my studying and have taken a few trades on my own to help understand the markets better. Very small positions, maybe $1000 to $2000. Been killing it! Made my first 25% gain on my own. You really are teaching me to fish for myself. I cant wait to see what the rest of the year brings us.

I wanted it noted that I’m learning at this rate while half asleep most days. (crazy work schedule).

- A.R.

Nice trade Steve, became a member today and allready a profit of $1,400

- D.J.


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