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Hi Jeff, Thank you from Singapore. Yesterday is my best profit day till now. I can’t trade your size but +$1,100 a day with UWTI and NUGT is awesome enough for me!! Thanks a lot!!

- S.C

My best day .. $5500 in the NUGT trade. Also did $2200 on a trade in NOV (bought yesterday – sold today). ABX trade also worked at 17.3 and sold 1500 at 18.3. But NUGT was amazing. Brilliant call! Membership paid for (I joined the other service with Jason and yourself as well yesterday)!

- J.C

Hey Jeff- took half off NUGT @20.10 for about 15% profit and letting the other half ride into the FOMC sunset! 

- E.R

Sold 1500 of NUGT at 20.01 for $3375… nice, thanks!

- T.L

Hey Jeff,

Just wanted to say awesome trades. I made 1150 on buying a combined 600 shares of those two stocks. Had such a great experience with you guys in Vegas and am now really learning a lot about the market from you, Jason and Luke. Keep up the great work

- C.U

WOW Jeff I did grab the dip on VXX yesterday. Bought 39.50 call for .60 and sold this am first 5 minutes for 100%. Trigger finger is working. Ha Ha 3:45 pm open and 9:35 close. So COOL

- J.E

This morning I jumped in to NUGT at 17.68 for the swing but hit my 10% target at 19.46 in under two hours!

- S.A

I started receiving your newsletter mid August. My goal was to add 15% to my portfolio by December. I reached my goal today just 5 weeks after! I am very excited to continue trading with you! Your insight is superb! It is the exact way I expect trading to be.

- E.B

Jeff, I’m working overseas with internet that is not reliable but managed to trade 1k of UVXY for 2300 profit.

- M.B

“I found that Jeff’s website and service were beneficial but mainly to the new trader. His services are reasonable considering everything you get and worth checking out especially if you’re just starting and need a professional mentor who can help lead you in the right direction. When I first started out I didn’t have a mentor and ended up costing me a lot of money. If I would of had someone like Jeff I would have been on a faster learning curve and could have kept a lot of that money in my account. A large majority of traders fail their first go at it and this is because most new traders lack the skills and knowledge that someone like Jeff can offer.” For the full review, Click Here



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