What is the next Awesome Penny Stock Promotion?

Hello traders and welcome to a site that focuses on small cap and penny stock alerts. Not only are we always scanning for the next big runner but here at I am a dedicated teacher to teaching my “Elite” members how to read charts, scan the markets, find and place winning trades and much much more.

Today the question is “What is the next Awesome Penny Stock Promotion going to be?”

Of course we don’t know for sure just yet, but I believe I have it narrowed down to a very small handful of possible stocks.

See there has been a pattern lately for what types of stocks Awesomepennystocks likes to run and once you enter that formula into your system you can hone your search into just a few small stocks.

Next, I know what to look for on the level 2. Which market makers are typically assosiated with the Awesome Penny Stocks Promotion and which are not.

Then I reach back into my 15 years of trading experience to pluck the one or two stocks I think could be “the one” and then I share them with my “Elite” level members before the launch goes. This gives us a nice advantage the day of the launch since we already have it down to just a small few. If our stock hits, then we all celebrate with a big win!

By the way, not only have I worked on what the next Awesome Penny Stock promo might be, but I have also called just about the exact top and bottom of 4 of the most recent mega promotions out there. I told members a long time ago that POTG would fall all the way under $.05 cents per share when it was at the top; people laughed, but who’s laughing now. I then called NSRS and I called the top there and then I said it would fall under a dime in a short period of time….now look at it. I then called SNPK top and told members it was going to $.10 cents or lower in a few weeks; once again, people laughed and called me a basher…. now who’s laughing? Then I called SEFE top and I have now given members my “bottom” price for a bounce play.

As I said before, when you have been in the penny stock and small cap stock market as long as I have, you gain an advantage over thousands of other traders out there. The good news for you is I am now teaching my “Elite” members how to do what I do via video lessons, educational text lessons, live interactive webinars, live chat room interaction, instant text buy/sell alerts and much much more.

If you are ready to take your trading game to the next level then click on the link below to see and hear from other successful SuperNova members and let’s get started today!

Stock Analyzer

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As always, good luck and happy trading.

Stock Analyzer

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