The Best Penny Stock Newsletter PERIOD!

“Jeff I am, happy to let you know that I was able to turn my $8,000 (the amount I had in my account when I signed up with you) into $21,000.  I transferred an additional 10,000 into my etrade account so I could avoid the PDT rule.  I wanted to let you know that and to say thank you for all your help and teaching. Never though I could have that kind of a return so quick. -Sean”

Happy Monday Traders,

Listen, let me be frank with you for a minute. There are tons of “other” newsletters out there right now who are saying they are “Penny Stock” newsletters and experts, but the fact is they just are not. You need to dig and look closely at what you are buying. Once you do that, you will clearly see there is only ONE “Penny Stock” newsletter around that takes the time to give you technical chart breakouts, fundamental swings and on top of that, teaches you with countless hours of video material HOW TO DOMINATE WALL STREET.

Today, my members are up over $15,000 to $20,000 alone on my HUSA alert from Friday. We bought in at $.29/.30 and sold at $.34 and then saw the stock run up to $.36.

After the stock dipped, we purchased again and are looking for another 10 to 12% exit shortly; all decisions based on proven technical analysis to help give us the best opportunity for big profits!

We are also up over 40% on AMBS from a Friday alert at $.06s

How about TXCC from $.70 which hit $1.10 today; 45% gain

Now, let me take this a step further for you….where else are you getting emails/text messages to SELL the alerts you get from the “other penny stock pumps?” That’s right, no where!

All of my alerts are sent via email/ text and if you like a live chat room, then SuperNova Elite has the largest penny stock chat room on the entire Internet. We have over 400 people each day now finding and profiting on these penny stock and small cap stocks from $.001 to $5.00 in price.

Want “education” and “learning material” because trading stocks is new to you? Well, as I said above, I have over 50 hours of educational video lessons and have just started a “SuperNova University” which gives you quick 10-15 minute video lessons 3 times a week and then “tests” you on your knowledge each weekend.

Members scores have risen for 3 straight weeks and they are now averaging 94% on their tests….tell me; WHO does that for you?

So if you are looking for a REAL penny stock newsletter that focuses on stocks from $.001 to $5.00 then you need to look no further. My results below speak for themselves.

Simply put, no one out there can touch what I have to offer you and once you decide that TODAY is your last day trading alone, you will see why you should have made this jump a long time ago.

I can’t wait to start working along side you in my “Mentor Program” (which you get for free when you sign up now) and start making big money with you.

Below is my track record for the last 20 trades….
Furniture Brands (FBN) +10%
eLayaway, Inc. (ELAY) +30%
Uranium Resources (URRE) +12%
VuMee Inc. (VUME) +26%
Augme Tech (AUGT) +25%
Elayaway Inc (ELAY) +20%
Ivanhoe Energy (IVAN) +24%
Aeterna Zentaris (AEZS) +15%
Knight Capital (KCG) +15%
Southridge Enterprises (SRGE) +20%
Arena Pharm (ARNA) +12%
James River Coal (JRCC) +14%
OncoSec Medical (ONCS) +21%
ENGlobal Corp. (ENG) +34%
Cannabis Science (CBIS) +12%
Overseas Shipholding (OSG) +18%
Southridge Enterprise (SRGE) +50%
LodgeNet (LNET) +35%
Cannabis Science (CBIS) +15%
GeoKinetics (GOK) +53%



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