The Benefits of Trading Penny Stocks

One of the most asked questions I get from non members is “Why should I trade penny stocks?” First, before I jump into that question too much I think it’s important for people to remember that “penny stocks” are stocks trading under $5 per share. Most people think that penny stocks are under $.01 and are just pump and dump stocks that overpaid stock promoters dish out to their email lists.

Well, I am here to tell you that trading penny stocks in my opinion is one of the most profitable and most exciting arenas you can trade in. Right now I have thousands of extremely successful “SuperNova Elite” members that join me on a daily basis as we scan for the next penny stock and small cap stock mover.

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You see, one of my main jobs is to help educate you on trading penny stocks. This is a job I feel I do better than any other penny stock or small cap stock newsletter leader. One of the reason why members join my service and continue with my service is due to my ability to teach to their level. Whether it be a beginner or an advanced stock trader, I can challenge you all AND help you learn to make bigger stock trading profits.

Many of you already know this but I have a Masters degree in Education and I taught school for over 12 years before taking my highly refined stock trading ideas to this SuperNova newsletter. My ability to find winning stocks has been battle tested and proven to help you make money.

Just read these member “Testimonialsby clicking on this link here.

So again, why trade penny stocks and more importantly WHY CHOOSE ME to help lead you through these profitable waters?

Well, as I said above, I have thousands of people that have signed up for my service and my return rate is nearly flawless. People continue with me because they love “technical” stock alerts with proven chart patterns and set ups that give the highest probability to make money.

They also choose me because…
1. I do over 12 hours of research every day on the next big stock alert, sifting through all the BS and finding only the best one or two stocks for your money.
2. I have a proven track record of not only making members big money but also for caring and protecting their money when a play goes against us
3. My dedication, honesty and commitment to you. Yes, I spend hours a day, every day working for you. I am upfront and honest with what goes on with our trades. When we have a winning pick we sell for a profit, when we have a loser, I stand up and admit my mistake and then teach people what went wrong and why so we can prevent it from happening again
4. All of my alerts are sent out via email/text and chat room systems. This way people who work full time can still get alerts and profit as much as those that sit in the chat room and learn right along with me during market hours
5. Chat room access. My chat room is the biggest on the internet for a reason. I have 6 moderators that specialize in different type of trading from scalp trading, swing trading and long term trading. In a nutshell, there is something for everyone and with over a thousand traders taking part in our interactive chat room each day, no stock goes unnoticed.
6. Over 30 hours of FREE educational video lessons and interactive webinars. You get access to this massive library the second you sign up; all for FREE. This alone is worth over $3,000 but is now included in your membership fee for a limited time offer.
7. 24/7 email support with me. You have a question, I have an answer. Email me at any time and I will almost always get back to your personally within a few minutes to a few hours.

and the list goes on….

I am so confident about my ability to help make you a better trader and a more profitable trader that I am reducing my SuperNova Elite membership fee for a limited time. I want you to feel the rush of hitting a 30% gain in a matter of hours, something you will hardly EVER feel trading large cap stocks and for that matter, something you will hardly ever get any where else!

Give me 30 days to prove to you that you made the right choice. No pumps, no dumps, just straight up proven technical analysis and trading chart patterns and trends.

For less that $3 a day, you can take your first step toward becoming one of my next big money winners.

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After you sign up, please send me an email directly to introduce yourself and share with me your goals on stock trading. I will do everything I can to help you reach them and MORE!


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