SVU Short Squeeze Alert

Evening Stock Traders and welcome to my website and the home of the SuperNova Elite newsletter which focuses on stocks ranging from $.001 to $5 in price with additional alerts from $5 to $10 and now options trades on all price stocks.

Today our alert was on SVU as a “Short Squeeze” trade coming off a bottom bounce. We picked this stock up at a very attractive price level and I personally feel this stock has a shot at being squeezed past $2.50 to $2.75 price levels. Right now according to SVU has a short position of over 99 MILLION shares which is 47.02% of the tradeable float.

When I look for a stock with “short squeeze” potential, I usually look for a stock with 15% of the float being shorted so SVU is a PRIME candidate imo for a possible pop off this bottom.

Now, I can’t tell you what price we got in at and what our target is, but I will tell you if this squeeze happens then we could see a significant gain in price. It’s also important to remember SVU was trading over $5 per share not that long ago and the current 20 MA line is at $3.24 and the 50 MA line is at $4.08, so there is plenty of room for growth on this bottom bounce NYSE stock.

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2 Responses to SVU Short Squeeze Alert

  1. Killing it here today on SVU as we trade at $2.44 and near our target. If we push $2.50 we could see a bigger squeeze

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