CBIS Runs 65% Can it Run Even Higher?

Evening Traders,

Wow what a day for CBIS Cannabis Science, Inc. (OTCBB:CBIS.OB) today as SuperNova members saw this stock run over 60% closing at the high of day today. The question now becomes how high will CBIS run and where might the stock see some selling pressure tomorrow?

First of all we can’t ignore the news today for CBIS with A&E stating “A&E Begins Filming An 8-episode Documentary With Cannabis Science‚Äôs Newly Appointed Director of Horticulture Bret Bogue; Focused On Bret Bogue, World Renowned Medical Cannabis Cultivator”

This is pretty big news for a small penny stock trading at $.10 cents right now. So how can this news affect CBIS for tomorrow and what does the chart say for CBIS moving forward?

Well technically speaking resistance is at $.099 and then $.137 followed by $.15 which is still 50% higher than today’s closing price of just under a dime. So I suggest you keep an eye on this hot little penny stock as todays news could continue to push the stock higher into Thursdays trading.

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  1. Are all your picks like a dollar or less and get in and?if so,this is the news letter I have been looking for got to have money first before you go dividen shopping,lol

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