Best Damn Penny Stock Alert Is ZPPB

Ok so the big question of Tuesday morning is “What is the new BestDamnPennyStock Alert going to be?” The answer is….we have it in the chat room and we will be discussing this play live pre market giving your our take on possible entry and exits. So if you like paid promotion plays or you like to scalp BDPS alerts then please join us.

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Ok, more details very soon on the best damn penny stock alert, come back shortly

**UPDATE** I am laughing my ass off at ZPPB because they gapped the piled of crap up 200% at .36 and now they expect us to buy this shit ball. Who do you think you guys are Best Damn Penny Stock? Please, we are not that stupid. I will evaluate your penny stock trade when it falls back down to low .20s as a possible scalp, but not here at .36. Nice try


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