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Learn how to make profit from chart patterns and momentum trading. Get started now!

Customer Testimonials:

"Thanks for VRNG yesterday Jeff! In at 3.03 out at 3.88 and made a quick $1,700. Busy working my day job but sold on my iPhone for nice bonus." ~ Rob

"I just sold TAGG again at .138 from .10. I am now up over $30,000 on one week!" ~ Jimmy

"Thanks to you and Tali for helping me Manage TAGG while mobile today out up $6,400" ~ Turf

"SA and TALI – thank you for my biggest week ever. I normal hit small wins. $100 – $500. Just added it up. You’ve made me over $13,000 this week between TAGG and VRNG." ~ Robert

Yes, I’ve completely turned my portfolio around since joining this room! I love this place. GERN in at 1.32, out at 1.77 thanks SA for the advice, I sold up $5,400"
~ Explorer12

"SuperNova has helped me learn the strategies I needed to capitalize on my day trading skills of buying low and selling high. While swing-trading, I profited $464,308 on ARNA alone by understanding when to sell the stock and when to buy back in! Thank you SuperNova for polishing my trading abilities! That chat room’s advice and support to help you make the right calls really go a long way! Trading without this site is non-negotiable for me!"
~ Mark.

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SuperNova Swing Trades

  • Focus on Technical and Fundamental Breakouts
  • Live Buy and Sell Alerts Via Email and Text Message
  • 1 - 3 Swing Trade Alerts Per Week
  • Focus on $1 to $3 Stocks
  • Weekly Swing Trade Watch List
  • Ideal For Full or Part Time Workers Who Can't Sit and Watch Their Trades All Day
  • Monthly Trade Review Webinars
  • Email Support
$199 quarterly*
* subscription will be billed every 3 months

SuperNova Elite

  • Price focus $.001 to $3.00 with high liquidity
  • Ideal for active, aggressive traders looking to double or triple account value
  • Live Buy and Sell alerts given via email, chat room and text message alerts
  • Access to the largest penny stock chat room lead by the Internets leading stock traders
  • 5 Week Mentor Training Program FREE
  • Over 105 educational video lessons valued at over $5,000 FREE with membership (Click here for details)
  • Detailed Nightly Stock Watch List
  • Interactive Webinars for continued learning
  • Direct Email Support
$249 quarterly*
* subscription will be billed every 3 months

SuperNova Combo Package

  • Ideal for traders who like scalp trades, short term trades and swing trades
  • Focus on $.001 to $3.00 Stocks
  • Ideal for Aggressive and Conservative Traders
  • Buy and Sell Email and Text Alerts
  • Live Stock Chat Room Access
  • All Features From SuperNova Elite
  • All Features From SuperNova Swing Trades
  • Goal of 20 to 25 Trades Per Month
  • Goal of $10,000 - $15,000 Profits Per Month
$297 quarterly* $150 Savings!
* subscription will be billed every 3 months
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