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Congratulations to those who took my $1.00 trial! You just paid for over 1 full year of membership on my alert from Monday!! Today, we are waking up to a 24% winner on WRES which we alerted at $1.36 and sold at $1.69 for over a $1,500 winner. Want proof? Click here to read the alert...Read Full Story

Security Buzz: CYRN Shares...

Shares of CYRN surged 53% this morning after the China based app security provider announced new technological advancements to fight against today’s impeding security threats....Read Full Story

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Here at SuperNova Elite we make sure you get plenty of information to help prepare you for the following day’s trades. Not only do we give you a “nightly stock scan” like the one below each...Read Full Story

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SCOK Is Rocking This Holiday Market


SinoCoking Coal and Coke Chemicals Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOK) opened with at 34% bullish gap this morning on updated production capabilities. The company is a producer of clean energy and has announced that one of its above ground...Read Full Story

NETE Bulls on the Move

How to profit on penny stocks

Net Element International, Inc. (NASDAQ: NETE), a technology focused group focused on mobile payments recently announced a new version of its cloud based point of sale (POS) application, “Aptito”. The company is trading well below its...Read Full Story

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Are you looking for a way to supplement your current income or maybe even consider trading as a full time trade for you? Here at SuperNova Elite we specialize in building small trading accounts with big profits using the volatility in the...Read Full Story

EDAP Pulls for the Reversal


Edap Tms SA (NASDAQ:EDAP), a company engaged in the marketing and development of high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) treatment of localized prostate cancer, announced corporate earnings today that outperformed analyst expectations...Read Full Story

BIOC: A 46% Surge on Medical Advancements


Biocept, Inc. (NASDQ: BIOC) has taken the market by storm surging nearly 46% from this mornings open. The commercial-stage oncology diagnostics company has announced the launch of a new lung cancer study (liquid biopsy testing) that will...Read Full Story

Are You Positioned For Success Right Now?


Are you positioned for success right now? This is a question we all ask ourselves each and every day we prepare for trading. No one wants to go into a trade not knowing what to look for, not knowing how to read a simple stock chart or not...Read Full Story

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45 spots remain on my “bogo” deal – Click here to get SuperNova Elite with PennyPro add on FREE! If you don’t yet know, PennyPro is one of the biggest up and coming penny stock “swing” trade services....Read Full Story

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Learn How to Trade Small Cap and Penny Stocks...

Good evening Traders, Many of you email me asking “What is the SuperNova newsletter anyway?” and what is all the hype about? First of all my newsletter is a dream come true for day traders. Now, you wonder why my service is great for “day traders?” Well, most of our alerts are bought and sold the following day which means you are not using... Read Full Story