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Sold 169 shares – $787 in profit

“Just want to thank you for all your hard work… Bought only 168 shares of JDST this morning. Just sold for a $787 profit. (22%) Thank Steve.”

– Mike

Up $4,000 in 1 week

“Steve, been playing AXN for a week. All together with ups and downs I am out 75% of my holdings for $4k in profit!”

– Grouse


Welcome to Top Stock Picks

Jeff Bishop is a multi-millionaire trader with nearly 20 years of experience under his belt. He dabbles in nearly every aspect of the market but has a special gift and passion for trading options and ETFs. Some have even accused him of being addicted to trading as he racked up over $100 million in trades last year - and he doesn’t run a hedge fund! He’s not afraid to make the big bets and swing for the fences when he thinks he has an edge on a trade. He’s down to earth and enjoys a quality life. That means raising and loving his 3 wonderful children and his beautiful wife. Riches haven’t spoiled him and you won’t see him showing off his Miami mansion or fancy exotic car anytime soon - because he doesn’t have one. He’d rather keep his money working for him in the market than depreciating in the driveway. He’s a lifetime member of the elite “Mensa” organization and holds 2 degrees from the University of Texas in Finance and Economics. He’s a top ranked and widely followed author on Seeking Alpha and various other business websites. His true passion however is helping his team develop more knowledge of the markets and helping them become better traders. His perfect day is a fine cigar, a glass of scotch and a roaring fire outside on a crisp fall evening after a killing it on a great trade - of which he has had many!

Look at a few of Jeff's recent trades

UVXY +$1,200

DUST +$4,900

TZA +$1,120

LABD +$3,800

LABD +$4,950

DRIP +$1,500

UVXY +$3,600

UVXY +$1,700

ERY +$3,200

LABD +$3,900


Watch List Examples:

Wednesday Watchlist & $49 Sale Closing Soon!

Good Morning, To start off I need to give Kyle Dennis a big shout out! On Monday he bought SKLN with his service.  If you saw it yesterday it was up an incredible 200% at one point!! Even with his “bad exit” he was able to lock in over 50% in... read more

Monday Watchlist & HUGE SALE Starts Today!

Good Morning! First of all, I want to thank the 100+ members that came out to meet with us at the Trader’s Expo in Las Vegas last week.  It is always great to see our members face-to-face and hear from them firsthand about their success and struggles. That kind of... read more

Tuesday Watchlist & Vegas, Baby!

Good Morning, Just a quick reminder as we get started that I will be with Jason Bond, Luke Murray, Kyle Dennis, and all the other contributors of the Millionaire Roadmap program at the Trader’s Expo in Las Vegas tomorrow until the end of the week. I really love... read more


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